Limited qty. of 12 oz. Mug

$ 20.00 $ 28.00

When we were spray glazing vases for our March studio sale we sprayed 4 mugs for fun. Typically our mugs have one glaze but these have a blue glaze with a second glaze sprayed over the top. 

Our mugs are formed by pressing stoneware clay between two plaster molds. After forming each mug is hand trimmed, has a handle attached by hand and is dipped in glaze before being fired in our gas kiln.

Made in USA

~ 3.5" diameter, ~4.25" tall
Holds 12 oz.

What our customers have to say...

"These mugs are seriously gorgeous and well made. They also look great on a countertop!"

"These are great mugs. Even my husband commented on how much he likes them and he's not one to notice stuff like that. Good looking, sturdy and well-made."

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