Kitchen Storage Jar Collection

$ 75.00

New to our shop in 2020! Our kitchen storage jars are made on the potter's wheel in short, medium, and tall sizes. Great for storing tea bags, candy, dog treats or cookies! Or use in the bathroom to organize beauty products. The base is glazed in our standard white speckled glaze. The lid is unglazed which creates a visual contrast and a textured surface for a good grip. These jars are not airtight, so we do not recommend using them to store items that need to be kept sealed.

Tall Jar ~ 7" tall

Medium Jar ~ 6" tall

Short Jar ~ 5.25" tall

Width for all jars ~ 5.25" diameter at the base, ~ 3.75" inner diameter of the opening

We hope you will appreciate the slight variations from piece to piece. For orders of multiple jars we will typically glaze and fire them together to achieve maximum consistency. If you would like to add additional pieces to your collection in the future, please understand they will be similar but may not be an exact match to existing pieces. We are a small team of five working with naturally occurring materials so although we do our best to maintain consistency there will be some variability from batch to batch. 

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