Utensil Crock - Second, Small Crack On Bottom

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$ 49.00 $ 70.00

From time to time we have issues with our clay which results in a small single crack on the bottom our utensil crocks. There is usually only one crack per piece, ranging from 1/4" to 1/2" long. The cracks are only cosmetic and do not affect the strength of the piece. They will not continue to grow like a crack in your windshield. See two example photos, you may need to zoom in to see the cracks. Price discounted 30% off.

A rustic yet modern container to store your kitchen utensils and gadgets!

Hand thrown on the potter's wheel. After forming, each utensil crock is trimmed, glazed and high fired in a gas kiln.

~5.5 diameter, ~6.75" tall

Dishwasher safe

Made in USA

What our customers have to say...

"My kitchen is modern looking but has rustic elements, and this set is a good balance between both. The crock is the perfect size... fits all of my kitchen utensils and is the perfect height. Thank you!"

"Sturdy, simple and elegant. thank you!"