About Us

Who We Are

We are a small team of makers that create high quality functional ceramics in San Diego, CA. When we’re not working you might find us surfing, playing tennis, catching a Padres game or on the potter’s wheel!

Our Product and Process 

We specialize in making functional wares for the kitchen. We use multiple production techniques including wheel forming, pressing, jiggering, extruding, and hand building. Our creations are formed with a variety of clay bodies and glazes and are all fired to high temperature to create a dense and durable product. Follow us on instagram @sawyerceramics for some behind the scenes content.

Our Studio

Our studio and entire operations are based out of a 1,100 square foot industrial building in San Diego, California. Within this space we transform raw materials into our finished products, pack them safely for transport and ship them directly to our happy customers! We are located right next to MCAS Miramar (filming location of Top Gun) and in close proximity to countless craft breweries.

Our Story

Sawyer Ceramics was created in 2009 by Jonathan Sawyer after getting heavily into pottery as a hobby in college. It started with the purchase of a potter’s wheel and a small kiln and through a few years of trial and error a small but successful business emerged. In 2015 we hired our first employee and have continued to grow steadily since.


Come See Where We Work!

Friday, 12/9 from 11-4 pm
Saturday, 12/10 from 10-2 pm

Studio Address:
7933 Silverton Ave, Suite 715
San Diego, CA 92126

We will be stocked with butter keepers, salt cellars, sponge holders, spoon rests, garlic keepers, match strikers, dessert bowls and mini prep bowls. We are sold out of honey/sugar pots. Prices will be 10% off our website prices. 

There will also be a limited quantity of seconds available at 30% off. We will have a larger selection of seconds available at our upcoming studio sales in 2023.