About Us

The Story

Sawyer Ceramics creates handmade functional pottery in a home-based studio in San Diego, California. Sawyer Ceramics was established in 2009 by Jonathan Sawyer, a San Diego native who developed an interest in pottery during college. Jonathan integrated his passion for pottery with his formal education in economics as he transformed a personal hobby into a business. Jonathan's mission is to create simple, yet elegant pieces that can be used and enjoyed in daily life. 

The Product

Sawyer Ceramics produces functional wares including standard items like mugs, bowls and plates as well as kitchen accessories such as butter keepers, salt cellars, and sponge holders. The majority of Sawyer Ceramics pieces are made from stoneware clay that when fired turns a warm toasty brown. All pieces are glazed in lead free food safe glazes and are dishwasher and microwave safe. 

The Process

It all starts with a lump of clay. From there, pieces are formed using a variety of techniques including wheel throwing, press molding, and extruding. Once dry, pieces go through a low temperature "bisque" firing. After the bisque firing, pieces are glazed and loaded back into the kiln for the glaze firing which fuses the clay and glaze together. The firing reaches a temperature of 2,350F which is categorized as "high fire" and creates a very dense and durable product.