Sold - Peter Pugger VPM-20 For Sale


Used Peter Pugger VPM-20 For Sale - Manufactured in 2005 - Asking $3,250 cash

Includes: Peter Pugger VPM-20 and vacuum pump, does not include a stand

Condition: Good condition, fully operational. Typical wear as you would expect from a machine that has been used consistently for six years in a production setting. 

Asking: $3,250 cash. Current price for a new VPM-20 without stand is $6,000 + tax.

Specs: Runs on 110 V. Batch size is about 25 lbs. even though it's advertised to be 45 lbs. (45 lbs. would be loading the machine from completely empty)

Location: Ideally looking for buyer to pick up from our studio in San Diego, as shipping would add a layer of cost and difficulty.

More Info: This machine was produced in 2005 and purchased by an individual who intended to set up a pottery studio. He never got around to it, and I ended up purchasing it from him in brand new condition in 2014. I used it as a full time production potter between 2014-2020 at which time I upgraded to a larger Bailey pugmill. I have been storing it since. The Peter Pugger worked great for me over the years and never had any issues. The main visible wear that I'm aware of is that the stainless steel mixing paddles have worn down slightly over time due to the abrasive nature of clay. I do not know what the interior walls of the pugmill look like (the pugmill is currently fully assembled and filled with clay), but I don't have any reason to believe they aren't in good shape. I haven't needed to perform any maintenance or major repairs. It could run for several more years and never need maintenance, but the fact that it has already seen six years of regular use makes the chances of future maintenance slightly higher. For example, parts that might need maintenance on any pugmill would be o-rings between barrel sections, bearings, hoses, etc.

Contact Info: If you are interested in this pugmill or have any questions please email me at 


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