French Butter Keeper (brown unglazed exterior - white glazed interior)

$ 35.00

Keeps your butter soft and spreadable!

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  • Bake From Scratch: 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
  • Bon Appetit: 2015 Holiday Gift Guide
  • WIRED, Design Life: Essential Goods, Nov. 2016
  • 30 Gifts For Your Partner's Parents That Will Show You Care (Without Going Overboard), Nov. 2016

    ~ 4 inches in diameter, 2.25 inches in height

    Holds half a stick of butter

    Through experience, I’ve found it’s easier to load the butter keeper if you allow the stick of butter to soften first, then pack the butter into the lid. Add enough water to the base so that the open end rim of the lid is submerged in the water, creating an airtight seal with the lid. 

    Wash in the dishwasher or by hand. Lead free

    photography by Ellie Baygulov


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